Replacement Training ShipRealize Our Future

To accomplish the strategic goals in this plan, we will strengthen the College’s educational infrastructure, enhance our visibility and reputation, and build a larger and more stable resource base. Moreover, we will systematically apply resource allocations to the priorities of this strategic plan and the activities that we believe will drive our institutional effectiveness.

A Objective:

Enhance our learning platforms

We will build a strong and adaptable infrastructure that increases our ability to anticipate and respond nimbly to industry changes, new modes of teaching and scholarship and the evolving needs and interests of our students and faculty.


Update and expand our training vessels and strengthen our technology infrastructure

  • Continue to advocate strenuously for the replacement of the training ship Empire State VI.

  • Acquire a second small vessel to provide applied learning and research opportunities for students in the Marine Environmental Science program and to give additional small-boat-handling opportunities for deck-license students.

  • Strengthen the College’s technology capabilities to support changing approaches to teaching and learning, enhanced scholarship and research, and new instructional applications.

B Objective:

Build and promote an identity that increases the College’s visibility, recognition, and reputation

Strengthen the College’s reputation by defining a clear identity that accurately reflects its history and continuing contributions, academic strengths, connections to industry, and commitment to all stakeholders.


Develop a comprehensive and coordinated marketing and communications plan

  • Promote Maritime College’s reputation and distinctive educational programs through a thoughtful, sophisticated communications plan.

  • Communicate our achievements more effectively to the public and alumni and deepen their connection with the College.

  • Increase public understanding of Maritime College’s role in preparing students for careers that strengthen the nation’s transportation infrastructure, industries, and economy.

B Objective:

Strengthen the College’s financial foundation

The changing economic circumstances of public higher education require the College to significantly increase its fundraising. We will do so by strengthening our development capabilities, increasing our grant activity, and deepening the engagement of alumni, business partners, and others interested in ensuring a continuing pipeline of industry leaders. In this effort, we will fully leverage the relationships faculty build with alumni and industry partners.


Substantially increase philanthropic support

  • Establish a SUNY Maritime College Foundation to substantially increase philanthropic support of the College.

  • Involve students, faculty, alumni, and staff more actively in engaging alumni and donors.

  • Develop a structure that clarifies faculty’s important role, and leverages the relationships they build with alumni and industry partners to enhance fundraising.

  • Develop and execute an ambitious 150th-anniversary major gift campaign.