Students at a portCultivate Strong External Partnerships

Robust partnerships with industry, alumni, and educational institutions are vital to achieving our strategic goals and vision. We will expand and deepen relationships locally, regionally, and globally. This will increase greatly the knowledge, expertise, and opportunities available to students, faculty, and staff.

A Objective:

Deepen and enrich the College’s relationship with industry and government partners

Relationships with the industries we serve are key to ensuring that our academic programs are strong and relevant, that faculty and students are able to take advantage of meaningful research and scholarship, and that students have quality internships that prepare them to enter the workforce successfully. We will expand and re-invigorate our industry advisory boards, and utilize them to their fullest to build strong connections between industry and our academic programs. We will strengthen this engagement further by connecting alumni and industry partners with students and faculty.


Be the maritime industry’s go-to resource for research, analysis, and new thinking

  • Utilize Maritime College’s proximity to the New York metropolitan area and its array of maritime, transportation, financial, technology, and energy industries.

  • Increase our reach to other domestic and international maritime industry hubs and explore new joint programs and experiential learning possibilities.

  • Engage visiting industry experts as instructors, as panelists for industry discussions, as sources of career counseling and networking for students, and as sounding boards for faculty members.

  • Create structures such as centers, institutes, and programs and convene conferences and symposia to ensure ongoing collaboration between industry and faculty.


B Objective:

Strengthen alumni engagement

Active involvement of Maritime College alumni in the life of the College is crucial to becoming a more innovative institution. Alumni are a key link to the industries in which they work. They help us anticipate important changes in their professional worlds and understand the implications for how we educate our students. We will redouble our efforts to deeply engage our alumni with the College, strengthening their bonds with Maritime College in ways that ensure that their generous philanthropic and volunteer support helps us to achieve our vision.


Expand the number and variety of opportunities for alumni engagement in the life of the College

Develop a robust menu of ways in which alumni of various ages and stages of life can engage with the College, including participation in activities such as industry advisory boards, student recruitment, career mentoring, guest lecturing and philanthropic support.

C Objective:

Build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with educational partners

We will build strong partnerships with other U.S. and international educational institutions as well as with libraries, museums, and other cultural centers to expand the academic, research, co-curricular and career opportunities for our faculty, staff, and students. We will build a pipeline of students from diverse backgrounds by expanding our outreach to secondary schools and youth organizations and developing programs that increase awareness of Maritime College and career opportunities in maritime and other industries.


Increase joint programs and other collaborations with SUNY institutions, other colleges and universities, and secondary schools

  • Partner with U.S. and international institutions of higher education to expand academic, research and co-curricular opportunities for faculty and students.

  • Work with the growing number of maritime-focused secondary schools across the nation, as well as selected New York metropolitan area schools, to broaden interest in maritime and related careers and attract well-prepared students with an affinity for the College’s distinctive educational programs.