It is common for college students to have questions about money management in college. Understanding concepts such as budgeting, using credit cards, managing debt and identity protection - known as financial literacy - is helpful in college and after graduation. SUNY and Maritime College seek to empower students and build their financial literacy, enabling them to make sound financial decisions. The free service, SUNY Smart Track, guides students and offers advice on developing financial literacy.

SUNY Smart Track

A free, interactive tool created by SUNY that offers services and resources to help students understand how to manage money and make financial decisions.

Enroll in SUNY Smart Track  to learn about resources such as:

  • Banking basics

  • Borrowing money

  • Budgeting

  • Contracts

  • Credit cards

  • Identity theft

  • Paying for college

  • Tackling debt

  • Taxes

  • Understanding insurance

  • Working in college

  • Your first job