Summer Sea Term Arrival

The Regiment of Cadets is a disciplined lifestyle program. It is not affiliated with the military and carries no service obligation. 

Students in the regiment are called cadets or student-cadets. During your first year at Maritime, you will be called a fourth-class cadet or mariner under guidance (MUG for short). Your second year, you will be a third-class cadet. During your junior year, you will be a second-class cadet and your senior year is called your first-class year.

Membership is required

If you are coming to Maritime to earn a U.S. Coast Guard license, you must be part of the Regiment of Cadets. There are certain academic programs at Maritime that also require membership in the regiment.

With a license, you will be qualified to work onboard commercial vessels. 

In addition to following the regiment's rules and regulations, and participating in regimental activities during the school year, you will also go on three summer sea terms aboard the college training ship, Empire State VI.

Membership is optional

If you do not want to work onboard a commercial vessel but want the discipline and leadership training that the regiment offers, you may choose to join the regiment. 

You will be required to participate in and abide by all of the regiment's rules and regulations, including wearing a uniform, participating in regimental activities. 

Instead of going on summer sea term aboard the college training ship, Empire State VI, you will pursue at least one internship related to your academic major.

The Regimental System

Everything about the Regiment of Cadets is designed to educate and train students to survive and thrive onboard a vessel. The regiment will help student-cadets develop:

  • Discipline

  • Poise and confidence

  • Obedience

  • Pride in themselves and their profession

  • Knowledge of their professional duties

  • Sense of duty and moral and ethical responsibility

  • Military bearing and pride in their personal appearance

  • Physical fitness and mental agility

  • Teamwork

Creating tomorrow's leaders

A significant portion of the regimental program is to build leadership skills in student-cadets, starting their first year on campus.

During MUG year, students learn to follow directions and work as part of a team. As their career progresses, they receive increasing amounts of responsibility for training, leading and motivating younger students.

During the first-class year, seniors serve as cadet officers with responsibility for maintaining discipline and overseeing day-to-day operations of the regiment. On summer sea term, cadet officers bear significant responsibility for maintenance of the ship and discipline of the other cadets.