Students at Fall FestChampion Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to a Maritime College community that welcomes the full range of human differences and draws on the varied perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds in our community to inform teaching, research, and decision-making. We will build an even more inclusive campus community, one that comprises diverse faculty, students, and staff in order to create a richer educational environment and ensure that our graduates possess the understanding, empathy, and cultural fluency to thrive in an increasingly diverse society.



A Objective:

Cultivate a visible culture of respect, civility, and inclusion among students, faculty, and staff

We will ensure that Maritime College understands, values, and respects the varied capacities, experiences, and backgrounds of all members of its community. Such a culture of inclusion is fundamental to the College’s ability to attract diverse students, faculty, and staff. Our goal is nothing less than for every member of our community to recognize diversity not as a demographic target but as an imperative for professional development and personal growth and, by extension the betterment of society.


Ensure our campus is inclusive of all

  • Instill diversity and inclusion into our curricular and co-curricular activities.

  • Examine all facets of the College—policies, communications, activities—to ensure that they convey the value we place on diversity.

B Objective:

Build a diverse faculty and staff

We will build a faculty and staff that represent the diversity of contemporary society and are eager to explore and understand the differences among members of our community and the significance of those differences to their work, professional development, and personal lives.


Actively recruit and retain a diverse faculty and staff

  • Increase the diversity of applicant pools for faculty and staff searches.

  • Develop mentorship programs that provide support for new faculty and staff.

  • Strengthen orientation and professional development for faculty and staff to improve their retention and enhance the inclusiveness of our community.

C Objective:

Attract and retain highly qualified students of diverse races, ethnicities, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds

We will recruit, enroll and retain a student body that represents a rich diversity of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. However, diversity is about more than a head count: it must reflect the quality of interactions. We will be highly intentional in our efforts to create a sense of belonging and community that stimulates deep and meaningful connections among all members of our community.


Establish support programs to improve retention of students from traditionally underrepresented and under-served groups

  • Provide an environment in which students feel well supported through meaningful relationships with mentors, advisors, peers, faculty, and staff.

  • Assist students in addressing individual challenges through personalized interventions and guidance.

  • Ensure that underrepresented and under-served students benefit from high-impact academic and co-curricular campus programs.

  • Bring community organizations on campus to provide support services and programs.