Centers of Excellence

The Centers of Excellence (Digital Scholarship, LNG, NYMIC, Offshore Energy, and Teaching) allow the College to push the boundaries between technology, product development, economic markets, and the education of “creative” and “flexible” students.

Center of Excellence for Offshore Energy

The Center of Excellence for Offshore Renewable Energy will deliver classroom and online training programs for wind operations, dynamic positioning and offshore vessel operations. The Center will serve as a research resource for offshore renewable energy. Learn more.

Liquid Natural Gas Center of Excellence

Working with industry partners, the Center will build out key processes and expertise across the college for LNG as a Clean Energy. The center will develop courses and encourage research in the area of LNG propulsion, cargo and bunkering operations, safety and compliance. Learn more.

New York Maritime Innovation Center

Using its access to SUNY Research Foundation and other partners, NYMIC connects industry experts with forward thinking developers, technologists and investors through small workshops/seminars, assistance to startups, access to customers, investors, and the maritime industry. Learn more.

Center for Teaching Excellence

The Center for Teaching Excellence promotes and supports distinction and innovation in teaching. The Center harnesses research-driven approaches towards pedagogy, assessment, and educational technology, highlighting and sharing reflective practices, and creating mentoring networks. Learn more

Center for Digital Scholarship

The Center for Digital Scholarship supports and enhances faculty and student use of Digital Scholarship in teaching, research, and scholarship.  The Center supplies training and workshops in Digital Scholarship methods and tools across the curriculum. Learn more.