Center of Excellence for Offshore Energy

Recognizing the growth in the offshore renewable energy sector, Maritime College established the Center of Excellence for Offshore Energy to focus on building a clean energy workforce and encouraging research in this growing area. The Center was launched with a grant from the New York State Clean Energy Career Initiative and will deliver classroom and online training programs for wind operations, dynamic positioning and offshore vessel operations. It will also serve as a research resource for offshore renewable energy.

The Center hosted its first Offshore Wind Power Conference in September 2019, which provided an overview of Ocean Wind Power generation, technology while focusing on the development of support infrastructure needed to install and sustain wind power generation projects in our region. Conference briefs and highlights.

Center Objectives

  1. Develop in-class/online courses and programs for offshore renewable energy to include credit/non-credit courses leading to certificates and degrees

  2. Foster Maritime College curriculum change and innovation in the area of offshore renewable energy: production, installation, and maintenance

  3. Provide collaborative research opportunities for faculty and students 

Contact Information

Scott Dieterich
Director of Offshore Winds
Office: (718)409-7204
Cell: (516)790-8829

Jeff Spillane
Dean of the School of Maritime Education
Office: (718)409-457