Domestic Health Insurance With Aetna

Indoctrination Health Insurance

All Regimental students participating in the Indoctrination program will be enrolled and billed a non-refundable mandatory health insurance premium for the duration of the program.

Undergraduate STUDENT Health Insurance 

SUNY Maritime requires that all full-time undergraduate students carry comprehensive health insurance, and therefore the college bills students for this coverage with Aetna. The Office of Student Accounts, utilizing the Fall semester bill, will invoice all full-time undergraduate students the annual insurance fee for the academic year. Student health insurance coverage for the 2024-25 year is effective from August 10, 2024 to August 9, 2025.

Full-time, Spring admitted undergraduate students will be charged a health insurance fee for a policy that is effective from January 5 to August 9, 2025.

2024-2025 Aetna's Health Insurance Plan Documents and Benefits

Action Required for Full-time Undergraduates
Students are required to take action on a yearly basis--to either enroll in or waive out of Aetna's health insurance plan before coming on campus.

Students must complete an electronic enrollment or waiver request at Log in by entering student's full ID# (example: M00123456 -be sure to use capital M and 0 (zeros) not the letter O) and date of birth. 

For new and continuing students, the Enrollment Period/Waiver for Fall begins mid-July and ends 1st week of Fall semester, and for Spring admits begins December 1st and ends 1st week of Spring semester.

Aetna will not accept any waivers after aforementioned period.

If no action is taken, students will automatically be enrolled in the Aetna's health insurance plan and be responsible for the charge.

Process for Waiving Health Insurance
Once a health insurance waiver request is submitted to Aetna, Aetna will send a receipt confirmation to the email address provided. Aetna, on behalf of SUNY Maritime, will then conduct a verification review of the student's insurance information and inform the student and college of the waiver's approval or denial. 
A student will be approved of the waiver request, if he/she meets all of the domestic health insurance coverage requirements. Once the waiver has been approved, the health insurance fee will be reversed on your student account. This process can take up to 2 weeks.

Things to Consider Before Waiving 

  • Does my health insurance plan include coverage for inpatient hospital expenses in the New York metropolitan area?
  • Does my health insurance plan include coverage for inpatient and outpatient mental health expenses in the New York metropolitan area?
  • Does my health insurance plan include coverage for outpatient prescription drug expenses?
  • Does my plan provide coverage outside of the New York metropolitan area?

If you are insured and you plan on waiving the Aetna Health Insurance, you must check with your private health insurance provider that your coverage is adequate. If you have insufficient coverage any medical expenses not covered by your private health insurance will be your own fiscal responsibility.

If you have any doubts about the above questions, please check your current health insurance policy or contact your current insurance agent.

International Health Insurance with United Healthcare

Summer Sea Term, Cadet Shipping and Study Abroad Health Insurance

SUNY Maritime College requires that all students participating in courses which may include international travel (e.g. Summer Sea Term, Cadet Shipping, Study Abroad) enrolled in SUNY’s international health insurance plan through United Healthcare.

For example with cadet shipping a tentative itinerary might not include “foreign” ports of call though travel through international waters might occur, and as such, foreign health insurance, which cannot be waived, will be billed to all students.

The Office of Student Accounts will bill students the international health insurance charge based on:

  • The semester that the student will be participating in Cadet Shipping; or
  • The itineraries of Summer Sea Term and Study Abroad.

Once students are enrolled in the international health insurance plan, students will be emailed by United HealthCare with information on how to login. Students can also access United HealthCare customer service at 888-714-6544 or and/or login at Students may download UHCSR mobile app where they can view insurance ID card, review claims & dates of service, locate providers, etc.

2022-2023 Study Abroad Insurance Info

International Student Health Insurance

International students are automatically enrolled in United Healthcare health insurance plan and will have coverage from August 15, 2021 to January 14, 2022 for the Fall semester, and January 15, 2022 to August 14, 2022 for the Spring and Summer semesters.

The international health insurance charge is non-refundable and non-negotiable unless:

  • The student’s registration is completely dropped through the Office of the Registrar; or
  • The international student submits a waiver request to United Healthcare and is approved of the waiver. The international student will be approved of the waiver request if he/she meets all the international health insurance coverage requirements.

All international students who are insured and plan on waiving the United Healthcare Insurance, must check with their insurance provider to ensure their coverage is adequate. If you have insufficient coverage any medical expenses not covered by your private health insurance will be your own fiscal responsibility.

International students (with F1 or J1 visas), who are not participating on Summer Sea Term, Cadet Shipping, or studying abroad, and have met all United Healthcare’s requirements for a waiver, will be able to waive the international health insurance fee per semester.

International students can begin the international health insurance waiver process by clicking here.

Questions about coverage should be directed to United Healthcare at (888) 714-6544.

For questions about the health insurance charge, contact SUNY Maritime's Student Accounts Office at (718) 409-7400 Option 2 or

2022-2023 International Students Health Insurance Brochure

2022-2023 Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Health Insurance Enrollment Exceptions

A student can be enrolled in the Aetna health insurance plan after the enrollment/waiver deadline if there has been a life-changing event. All information regarding the life-changing event, which can include a new health insurance application and payment of the health insurance fee, must be received by Aetna within 31 days of the life-changing event occurring. Students who fail to submit and complete all required information, within the 31-day window, will not be eligible to enroll until the next open enrollment date.

Questions about coverage should be directed to Aetna at (877) 480-4161.

If you have questions about the health insurance charge, contact SUNY Maritime's Student Accounts Office at (718) 409-7400 Option 2 or

Undergraduate Students Enrolled Less than Full-time
If you are registered less than 12 credits, you will not be billed for health insurance unless you reach full-time status. As a part-time student, you have the option of requesting to be enrolled in and billed for the Aetna health insurance plan.

Graduate Students
SUNY Maritime College does not require nor bills graduate students for health insurance. Graduate students interested in Aetna's health insurance plan should visit or call (877) 480-4161. Students will be responsible to pay Aetna directly for coverage.