Non-Matriculated Students

All students planning to attend in-person in the Spring must be fully vaccinated by December 27th. Please refer to SUNY Student Vaccine Policy for more information.

Students who are not enrolled in an undergraduate program may take up to two courses a semester until they have earned 15 credits. They must earn at least a 2.0 GPA and finish at least half of the hours for which they registered. To complete a degree or take more than 15 credits, students must apply through the undergraduate admissions process.

Non-matriculated graduate students may register for a maximum of 9 credit hours. To continue their studies and earn a degree, they must apply through the graduate admissions process.

Non-matriculated students are not eligible for scholarships or financial aid.

To apply, please submit:

 For more information, contact Susan John, Admissions Operations, at 718-409-7221 or

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