ASIS Preferred CPE Provider Pre-Approved Courses

ASIS International is a global organization that provides advanced security training o a host of security professionals worldwide. The organization seeks to enhance the knowledge and skillsets of security personnel by providing ongoing training in a variety of face-to-face settings and with online study resources. To promote training opportunities for continued professional development, ASIS International provides certification training and programs that are found in the following modalities: Webinars, eLearning Collections, Online Courses, PSP Virtual Study Groups, and Workshops. 

Earning ASIS International certification represents acknowledgement that the enrollee possesses sufficient mastery of security skills and knowledge that are key to best security practices. All ASIS International endorsed certificates require each enrollee to complete examinations that will enhance his or her career knowledge in global transportation and supply chain security. ASIS International takes the primary lead in marketing all Preferred Provider Programs through its official website and via listings in its official magazine available to all ASIS International enrolled members. 

For additional information on this organization or to become a member visit the ASIS International website or call 703-519-6200. 

Rationale for the ASIS International Certificate

The GBAT Department continues to evolve in order to prepare our students for successful careers in the transportation industry. To that end, the department over the past three years has introduced cyber security courses into both the graduate and undergraduate program offerings and has offered a number of security certificates in several other security courses. 

As part of the need to address the increased security risk facing the transportation and supply chain industries, GBAT has been accepted as a Preferred Provider Program participant by and partnered with ASIS International to offer security training and certificates to both the maritime students/community and to security professionals to enhance their careers in global transportation and supply chain security. Only three other colleges and universities, (Texas A&M, Tulane University, and SUNY Maritime College), are partnered with ASIS as a Preferred Provider Program participant to offer security based program certifications. The ASIS  partnership will provide the advanced training and skill sets to students and professional alike in several areas dealing in transportation security. The certificates are open to SUNY Maritime College students, both undergraduate and graduate, as well as to nonmatriculated students, such as outside professional security professionals or other interested parties. 

Description of Course Offerings for ASIS Certificate in Global Transportation and Supply Chain Security at SUNY Maritime College 

There are three existing courses included in the certificate program as listed below. 

GBTT 460 Principles of Global Supply Chain Security 3 class hours, 3 credits

The course depicts security as a control mechanism in several major channels in the supply chain; e.g. in human resources confidentiality of employee records; in logistics cargo and passenger security; in communications encrypted email and hacker-free databases; in finance sanctity of credit cards and identity; and in marketing protection of intellectual property. 

Students will engage in a team research project as a practicum for learning how to develop and conduct vulnerability assessments and security planning. A major underlying course theme is that security can only be successfully developed and implemented in context of the cultural, economic, and political contexts of the supply chain processes for which it serves as a control mechanism. (Fall and Spring) An ASIS endorsed certificate in Global Transportation & Supply Chain Security is issued upon the successful completion of this course with a grade of B or better and GBTT 462 and GBTT 465. 

GBTT 462 Science and Technology Issues of Security 3 class hours, 3 credits 

This course explores the social and political contexts of implications and consequences of the scientific and technological issues in the security arena. For example, containers now coming out of a port terminal are scanned for radiation; what can scanners detect and if radiation is  detected, what does that mean? How would a city be evacuated in the event a nuclear device was detected? Another example of technology with far reaching implications is that of biometrics: suppose everybody had their retina patterns in a national data base? When is personal information too intrusive for government access? (Fall and Spring) An ASIS endorsed certificate in Global Transportation and Supply Chain Security is issued upon the successful completion of this course with a grade of B of better and GBTT 460 and GBTT 465.

GBTT 465 Lectures in Contemporary Security Issues 3 class hours, 3 credits 

he capstone course of a minor in intermodal and maritime security jointly offered by the Department of Global Business and Transportation (GBAT) and the Department of Marine Transportation (MT). In addition to lectures by the professor supervising the course, from time to time prominent experts in maritime and intermodal security, from both the public and private sectors, will address the students on topical issues of the day in their field of security. Students will be required to do a term paper that integrates the information from the different speakers, as well as both primary and secondary research performed by the student. (Fall and Spring). An ASJS endorsed certificate in Global Transportation and Supply Chain Security is issued upon the successful completion of this course with a grade of B or better and GBTT 460 and GBTT 462. 

Delivery Methodology

  1. Certificate Offering for Matriculated Students
    Consists of the three existing courses (as outlined above). There is no substantial change to content; however, course schedules will adjust slightly to accommodate ASIS's examination requirements: Each course will consist of five modules. There will be an exam/project at the end of each module which needs to be passed in order for the enrollee to continue on to the next module. Other opportunities: Certain course modules will also contain requirements to obtain a micro certificate from FEMA or TSA to continue on (for example, on the module for Emergency Management, students will be required to obtain FEMA micro certificates for JCS courses 100, 200, 700 and 800). A total of 16 additional FEMA and TSA micro credentials may be earned in the coursework. Upon successful completion of GBTT 460, GBTT 462 and GBTT 465, an ASIS endorsed certificate will be issued.

  2. College Credit for Nonmatriculated Students
    This is a 15-week course of study. It includes the three 3-credit courses outlined above which are offered in a five-week segment each and subject to all regular course requirements at the College. Upon successful completion of the three courses, the enrollee will earn the ASIS certificate in Global Transportation and Supply Chain Security.

Additional Information and How to Apply

Complete the course application and send by email to: or call 718-319-8995.