Ship HelmLeading 21st Century Learning

Maritime College seeks to be the leading 21st century maritime-focused college that embodies a rigorous, well-rounded academic education, a strong technical foundation, applied learning opportunities and leadership development second to none. We prepare students for lifelong learning that enables them to meet the future in leadership roles that positively impact society.

Maritime College and its community of faculty, staff and students are committed to the following goals:

Achieve New Heights of Academic Excellence

Empower a Maritime College Faculty for the Future

Cultivate Strong External Partnerships

Champion Diversity and Inclusion

Foster a Vibrant Student Life Experience

Realize Our Future


Meeting 21st Century Challenges

Maritime College is well positioned to anticipate and respond imaginatively to the challenges of the 21stcentury. Forces such as technology and globalization have caused the greatest maritime industry disruption since the shift from sails to steam over 150 years ago. Progress will continue to impact the industries into which our graduates embark, and Maritime College will be positioned for transformations to come because of our institutional strengths:

  • A mission that is clearly defined and distinctive;
  • Education that thoroughly integrates academic mastery and professional proficiency;
  • Hands-on student learning experiences onboard the training ship Empire State VI, as well as through internships and study abroad programs;
  • Extensive interaction among students, faculty and industry professionals, both on and off campus;
  • Leadership preparation that is instilled through the Regiment of Cadets, athletics, student government and other student experiences;
  • Leaders and successful entrepreneurs among our alumni, who work at the highest levels of the industries Maritime College serves, many of them in fields that did not exist when they were students;
  • A location that provides ready access to diverse industry and educational partners.


The Boldness of Strategic Thinking

Our six strategic priorities are bold and form the foundation of Maritime College’s shared vision of excellence. They are interdependent and of equal importance.


Achieve New Heights of Academic Excellence

Maritime College will prepare students to succeed in the 21stcentury through programs that integrate knowledge in a discipline, hands-on learning experiences and adaptive skills from acrossprograms of studies in liberal arts and STEM. As a result, we will distinguish the College and foster in our graduates the competency, character, adaptability, and ingenuity to succeed personally and professionally throughout their careers. Accordingly,
we will:

  1. Provide rigorous, high-quality and relevant academic programs across the College
  2. Develop programs of national and international distinction
  3. Elevate applied-learning experiences to new levels


Empower a Maritime College Faculty for the Future

Maritime College will draw on the knowledge and experiences of faculty gained through engagement in their disciplines, scholarly activities and interactions with industry. As a result, faculty will enhance students’ learning environment and further the College’s focus on student-centered learning in and outside of the classroom. Accordingly, we will:

  1. Develop a diverse and consistently high-quality faculty, deeply engaged in and across their disciplines
  2. Cultivate a faculty of scholar-teachers for whom research and teaching are mutually reinforcing
  3. Empower active, multifaceted faculty engagement with the maritime and other industries


Cultivate Strong External Partnerships

Maritime College will deepen robust partnerships with industry, alumni and educational institutions locally, regionally and globally. As a result, the College will greatly increase the knowledge, expertise and opportunities available to students, faculty and staff. Accordingly, we will:

  1. Deepen and enrich the College’s relationship with industry and government partners
  2. Strengthen alumni engagement
  3. Build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with educational partners


Champion Diversity and Inclusion

Maritime College is committed to further strengthening its inclusive campus community, one that comprises diverse faculty, students and staff. As a result, we will create a richer educational environment and ensure that our graduates possess the understanding, empathy and cultural fluency to thrive in our increasingly diverse society. Accordingly, we will:

  1. Cultivate a visible culture of respect, civility and inclusion among students, faculty and staff
  2. Build a diverse faculty and staff
  3. Attract and retain highly qualified students of diverse races, ethnicities, genders and socioeconomic backgrounds


Foster a Vibrant Student Life Experience

Maritime College will identify and shape co-curricular experiences that encourage students to live and work effectively with those of similar, as well as vastly different backgrounds, perspectives, ideas and experiences. As a result, our students will develop the skills they require to succeed at Maritime; plus the character and social fluency they will need throughout their careers after graduation. Accordingly, we will:

  1. Embrace a holistic approach to student development
  2. Enable the highest levels of student success at Maritime College and beyond


Realize Our Future

To accomplish our goal, we will strengthen the College’s educational infrastructure, enhance our visibility and reputation and build a larger and more stable resource base. Accordingly, we will:

  1. Enhance our learning platforms
  2. Build and promote an identity that increases the College’s visibility, recognition and reputation
  3. Strengthen the College’s financial foundation


A Well-Planned Future

Each of our six goals is important by itself for shaping a critical aspect of the Maritime College we envision. Each also contributes to the success of the others. Collectively, they will move the College to a new level of achievement and recognition. To realize this future, we commit to:

  • Connecting Maritime College’s resource allocation process systematically to the objectives and initiatives of the strategic plan to better drive institutional effectiveness; and
  • Communicating our vision and plans to achieve our future goals and aspirations to stakeholders inside the College, to our alumni and to industry and education partners.

Pursuing these goals requires dedicating ourselves to an ongoing review of our journey. We will take measure of how we implement our strategic initiatives over time. We will identify opportunities and altered circumstances and outline steps to respond to such changes. We will annually celebrate and recognize our achievements as we progress along the new course we have charted. As we approach the 2024 sesquicentennial of Maritime College’s founding, our 2018-2024 strategic plan, Charting a New Course, will help the College continue to strengthen our academic excellence, our value to industry and our societal impact.