Appendix I: Supplemental Strategic Actions in Support of the Strategic Objectives

Six subcommittees of the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) were established to develop specific actions that Maritime College might undertake to achieve each of the objectives identified for each goal. A steering committee of the SPC was also established to review all of the actions developed by the six subcommittees, identify overlaps, and narrow down the number of actions to the three to five they felt were most important for each objective. This resulted in over 50 actions that the plan would commit the College to undertake.

In subsequent discussions, the SPC agreed that it would be preferable to examine the actions further and identify one action for each objective, combining where necessary the elements of several actions. The steering committee took this step to create the draft that is now the College strategic plan. However, the SPC also agreed that it would be important to retain the full list of prioritized actions developed by the subcommittees as a resource for those individuals and groups who would be involved in implementing the strategic plan.

This supplement represents that archive. It is organized, like the strategic plan, into strategic goals and objectives. The three to five actions selected by the steering committee for each objective are provided in full.