Under The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), also known as the Buckley Amendment, only the student may have access to the student’s own record.

The College may not issue any information about a student to any other institution, agency, or organization without the written consent of the student, except under circumstances as required by law, or under the issue of the Solomon Amendment.

Therefore, only the student may request in writing with the student’s own signature, that the Office of the Registrar process or release any information concerning the student. A formal written request or the required form must be completed to request a letter of enrollment, a verification of enrollment or degree. In addition, only the student may request that a transcript (official or an unofficial copy) be issued to the appropriate institution, agency or organization.

FERPA also give the student the right to inspect his/her academic record, in the Registrar’s Office by filing a written request to see his/her file. The student must submit the written request, and make an appointment to meet with the College Registrar in order to review the student’s record. The student will be required to show the College ID Card as documentation of the student’s identity. All requests shall be granted within 45 days from the date requested. There are specific limitations as to which documents the student may review. The school is not required to show the student “any financial information submitted by parents; confidential letters and recommendations placed in the file before 1975, and confidential letters and statements of recommendations placed in the records after 01/01/1975.” [FERPA Regulations].

After viewing the record,the student believes there is any discrepancy within the record,they may file a letter to challenge a discrepancy in the file. The student is required to submit a written letter, signed by the student, identifying the specific discrepancy to the College Registrar. The College Registrar is then required to submit the letter from the student and a copy of the student’s record to the Associate Provost for review and consideration.

In order to maintain the confidentiality of the each student, each student is given a Maritime ID number, which is used as the identifying number for the student. In addition, the student will be given a PIN. With the use of the ID and the PIN, each student can access his/her academic record on the web.

Additional FERPA information can be found in the Student Handbook.