return to campus: fall 2021

August 25, 2021

Originally, the College established a plan for the Fall 2021 Semester that included a return to pre-pandemic campus activity.  That plan was based on earlier CDC guidelines and SUNY recommendations.  Since that time, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued its approval of the first COVID-19 vaccine (formerly Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, now marketed as Comirnaty) and SUNY adopted a new SUNY COVID-19 Student Vaccine Policy effective August 23.  These recent events have led us to cautiously modify our return to campus plans for the fall.

Vaccination Requirement
The SUNY COVID-19 Student Vaccine Policy requires all students accessing SUNY facilities in-person in the Fall 2021 term and thereafter to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, with limited exceptions.  

Housing & Check-In
On the designated day of check-in, students must provide proof of full vaccination to Student Health Services before retrieving the key(s) to their assigned dorm room.  Students who are not fully vaccinated or have been granted an exemption from Student Health Services must present a negative COVID-19 test administered within five days of returning to campus.

Masks and Social Distancing
Recent CDC transmissibility guidelines identify the Bronx and its surrounding counties (Suffolk, Nassau and New York City) as high transmission areas.  In keeping with CDC guidance:

  • All persons on campus are required to wear well-fitted masks indoors, regardless of their vaccination status.  This includes instructional spaces such as classrooms and labs, indoor athletic facilities including weight and cardio rooms, the mess deck, the library, hallways, and all common areas on campus. 

  • While indoors, social distancing should apply (maintain at least 3 feet apart).

COVID-19 Testing
To establish a baseline of the presence of the virus on campus as we all return to campus this fall, all faculty, staff and students – regardless of vaccination status – are required to participate in one-time baseline testing the week of September 6. 

  • Thereafter, weekly surveillance testing will be conducted to determine the extent of breakthrough infection.

  • All unvaccinated individuals are required to test weekly. 

  • Vaccinated individuals are required to test at a minimum of every three weeks.

All students and employees will receive a campus-wide announcement regarding the process, location, and times for testing.

Quarantine and Isolation
Maritime College will adhere to the current CDC Guidance for Quarantine and Isolation for individuals who test positive, come into contact with someone who has COVID-19, or exhibit symptoms of COVID-19.  The College will maintain designated quarantine/isolation rooms.

Event Capacity Limits
All athletic events and other Maritime College events may have visitors within the maximum capacity limits for the respective facility.  Maritime College reserves the right to require proof of vaccination for all events. 

  • For all indoor events at Maritime College, masks must be worn. 

  • For outdoor events, the College will make a decision regarding mask-wearing based on the current transmission and infection rates, as well as the anticipated density and facility capacity. 

Visitors are permitted on campus in accordance with existing rules and regulations. 

  • All visitors are required to wear a mask indoors and must practice social distancing.

  • Food service delivery is permitted on campus under pre-COVID guidelines.

Maritime College, SUNY or other state and local public health agencies may modify requirements or COVID-19 protocols based on current transmission rates on campus and/or surrounding areas.

New SUNY COVID-19 Student Vaccine Policy

August 24, 2021

Yesterday, August 23, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) issued its full approval of the Pfizer COVID vaccine and SUNY released its COVID-19 Student Vaccine Policy, also effective yesterday.  Students should carefully review this new SUNY policy, which highlights the requirements for submitting proof of vaccination by September 27.

SUNY Policy Overview
The SUNY COVID-19 Student Vaccine Policy requires all students accessing SUNY facilities in-person in the Fall 2021 term and thereafter to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, with limited exceptions as defined below.

Student Vaccination Requirements
By September 27, the end of the SUNY established 35-day grace period, students who plan to attend in-person classes and/or utilize in-person services at a SUNY facility must show proof that they are fully vaccinated (one dose of a single dose vaccine or the second dose of a two-dose series).  In order to complete a full two-dose vaccine series within this grace period, students must receive their first dose by August 31.

Submitting Proof of Vaccination
SUNY has created a unique web application/site, SUNY Student COVID Vaccination Pass, to verify student COVID-19 vaccination status. Students have a 35-day grace period to submit proof of full vaccination through this system. Please note this system is only available to students and should not be used by faculty and staff.  A step-by-step guide on how to submit proof of vaccination is available here.  

Students seeking an exemption must – if they have not already done so – submit a request for an exemption by August 31 to Student Health Services (  If an exemption is denied and the student is not vaccinated by the end of the grace period (September 27), the student will be disenrolled from the College.  Refunds will be in accordance with the Fall 2021 Semester Refund Schedule.

The allowable exemption categories indicated in the policy include:

Direct questions regarding exemptions to

The health and safety of our students and the entire college community is our highest priority.  We will work towards making Maritime College a safe experiential learning environment for our new and returning students, faculty and staff.  Please continue to monitor your email and our website for updates.