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SUNY Maritime's programs combine faculty who are industry leaders with top-quality curricula and the real-world experience necessary to jump-start or build on a career. We offer master of science degrees in international transportation management, and maritime and naval studies.

Located on the banks of the Long Island Sound, the 55-acre campus boasts views of New York City from only a few miles away.

International Transportation Management

International transportation management is a 34-credit program that prepares students for advanced positions within the maritime industry, as well as in logistics and supply chain management positions. The program may be completed online, on campus or a blend of the two formats, to make it fit with a variety of schedules and learning preferences.

Students may choose to earn additional certificates in charter parties or supply chain management, as well as a U.S. Coast Guard third mate's unlimited license.

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Maritime and Naval Studies

Maritime and naval studies is a 31-credit program that can be completed online. The core courses emphasize the relationship between the humanities and maritime and naval history, literature, transportation and environmental policy. A broad range of electives highlights music, art, politics and law.

This customizable program is designed for working professionals in the maritime industry and naval personnel and help them pursue careers in museums, maritime law and maritime businesses. The degree's focus on independent research will serve the dual purpose of allowing a student to pursue individual interests and develop new, more specific knowledge. 

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