Established in 2013, the Hydrodynamics laboratory has been utilized for our undergraduate teaching and research.

The recirculating flow channel reaches velocities upwards of 2 meters/second, and is equipped with a highly sophisticated micron-precise robot for motion and measurement.  The channel is also equipped with a regulated vacuum system for ensuring uniform flow, an 8 channel die system, laser sheet illumination and high speed photography.   

Current Demonstrations:

  • Ship resistance measurement

  • Added mass calculations

  • Planing hull forces

  • Vortex shedding



Note:  All listed instrumentation can be controlled through Matlab

  • Cartesian gantry

  • 2 Goniometers coupled to allow rotation at distance of 11 cm, +/- 20 deg (<150 deg/s)

  • Rotary stage (<400 RPM)

  • ATI submersible 6-axis force transducer (<35 N)

  • Custom-made 8-channel die system (shown left)

  • High speed camera

  • Paddle-wheel flow meter

  • Temperature sensor

Workshop Capabilities:

The laboratory is fully supported by marine, electrical and mechanical faculty.  Additional facilities include a machine and welding shop.  Ship models and prototypes are made using our 3-axis CNC router.  


For further information, contact: 
Michael Mandich; Superintendent
Carl Delo, PhD; Laboratory Director