New members of the Regiment of Cadets participate in a program called Indoctrination (INDOC). During INDOC, new members learn what it means to be a cadet at Maritime College including the rules and regulations they are expected to follow, basic skills and knowledge for daily life on campus and life onboard a ship. This is their opportunity to bond with their fellow mariners under guidance (MUGs).

Each day of INDOC, MUGs will wake up early in the morning for physical training – running, strength training and other calisthenics. After breakfast, they will participate in a rotation of training in different facilities in and around the campus, including the waterfront. They will also attend sessions with officers of the Commandant’s Cadre, cadet leadership, faculty and other campus leaders.

During INDOC, MUGs will not be allowed to use cell phones or watch television. INDOC is challenging, but upper class cadet leadership and Regimental officers are committed to helping MUGs make it through the program. While it’s not easy, it’s not impossible.

Please carefully review all of the information on the Summer 2023 - MUG Guidance document for details on reporting requirements, grooming standards, items to pack, uniform requirements and other pertinent information. 

INDOC Begins - TBD

Indoctrination 2024 will observe the following format to complete the entirety of INDOC:

  • 10 days  – TBD

New Cadet Arrival Day

Arrival day has been redesigned to ensure a smooth and memorable transition for all new students and their families to Maritime College. New cadets (MUGs) will receive further guidance from Housing & Residential Life explaining the move-in process. 

A detailed description of what to expect for move-in and Orientation will be provided to new students via email.

MUG Recognition Ceremony

What to Bring for INDOC

Packing for INDOC

MUG Recognition Ceremony

INDOC will conclude on - TBD - with a MUG recognition ceremony at 1000.

Additional Questions

Any additional questions regarding INDOC and the Regiment of Cadets may be directed to