Supporting Innovation

The Center for Teaching Excellence provides guidance and support for faculty who want to integrate technologies into their work at Maritime College. Among the tools and practices supported include:

  • Blackboard- Maritime’s learning management system. It allows for posting of course content, tests and discussions, enhanced assessments, and easy communication among participants in a course.

  • Turnitin- the leading plagiarism prevention software. Located in Blackboard, it collects student’s written work and produces a report, creating opportunities to improve student writing.

  • Smartboard- Get the most out of Maritime’s tech-enhanced classrooms. Visit the Center for Teaching Excellence and experiment with Smartboards, Kapp IQ boards, and other classroom technologies you’ll find all over Maritime campus.

  • Video Conferencing- the Center supports the use of Zoom, Adobe Connect, Skype, and Google Hangouts.

  • Prezi- uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to create a cinematic and engaging presentation experience that brings ideas to life.

  • Snagit- a screen capture that allows a user to quickly grab an image or video from their screen and share it with anyone. Used to turn documents into narrated video, or add a writing tablet to create videos of equations and narrated solutions.

  • Social Media- Integrating social media into classes is a great way to connect course content to local, national and global conversations. The Center can assist faculty in choosing the right platform and exploring the practicality and ethics of incorporating social media into teaching practices.

Other tools the Center supports include:

Video lectures
Apple Airplay
Google Forms
Drop Box
Narrated Powerpoint

SUNY Resources

SUNY IITG is a competitive grants program open to SUNY faculty and support staff across all disciplines. IITG encourages development of innovations that meet the Power of SUNY’s transformative vision. 

SUNY Center for Professional Development is a cooperative, voluntary organization funded by its members and the State University of New York system. Located under the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, SUNY's Center for Professional Development creates and delivers customized programs for skill and knowledge development in various technical, and teaching and learning areas.