Guide to Campus Housing 2024-2025

The Office of Housing and Residential Life is excited to have you as a member of our on-campus living community. This Guide to Campus Housing is intended to give you and your neighbors a common set of expectations by which you can all live and learn together to achieve academic success, build on skills to prepare for your career, and develop lasting friendships.

Campus Housing Guide 2024-2025

Room Buyout

Depending on the total resident population, the needs of incoming Maritime students and available spaces, students may be offered a “buyout” option. By this, residents may opt to “buyout” the vacant spaces in their room, alleviating them from the chance of having another individual assigned to that space for one semester. This option is only available after the two-week room freeze period that occurs at the beginning of each semester and comes at an additional cost. Students who wish to participate in the housing “buyout” process must complete the online application for the respective semester.

Room Buyout Policy and Application

Packing for College

Before you arrive on campus, it is crucial to read the How to Pack for College document to ensure you are aware of what is and is not allowed in the residence halls. The document has information for both regimental and civilian students. The "Items Not Recommended" apply to all students living in the residence halls.

How to Pack for College: INDOC and Civilian Program

Fire Safety

We would like to remind the Maritime community of the fire safety policies on campus and in the residence halls. Please read this policy carefully. Should you have any questions or concerns, you are strongly encouraged to contact the Office of Housing & Residential Life.

Fire Safety Policy

Service & Assistance Animals

If you are approved to have a Service & Assistance animal on campus, you and your roommate must complete the agreement and return it to the Office of Housing & Residence Life. Students must review the Service & Assistance Animal policy located in the Guide to Campus Housing as prior approval is required.

Service & Assistance Animal Roommate Agreement

Housing Charges

If you would like to dispute any housing charges, please fill out the Housing Petition Form. Be specific and include all relevant information to support your request.  Attach additional sheets as needed. Please sign and return to the Office of Student Housing or mail the completed petition to 6 Pennyfield Avenue, Bronx, New York 10465 or email

Housing Charge Petition Form