Housing Check-in Procedures

To check in to housing, students must:

  • Confirm their bill is satisfied in QuikPay, either through a one-time payment, payment plan enrollment and/or financial aid

  • Be registered for at least 12 credits as an undergraduate or 9 credits as a graduate student

If a student is not able to check in to their room during their designated time, please request an alternate time with the Office of Residential Life at (718) 409-7488 or housing@sunymaritime.edu.

Housing Check-out Procedures 

Sign up for an appointment with your RA at least 24 hours in advance to check out. Sign-ups will be available outside the RA’s door.

What to do on check-out day before meeting the RA
  • REMOVE all personal belongings

  • CLEAN the entire room, floor, and furniture surfaces

  • CLEAN Suite bathroom & hallway (G&H Building only)

  • RETURN furniture to move-in condition (MUG style, except G&H Building)

  • CLOSE windows

  • OPEN blinds/curtains

  • THROW OUT all trash (dumpsters will be available outside)

  • TURN OFF lights

During check-out with the RA
  • COMPLETE a check-out Room Condition Report

  • RETURN key(s) to the RA (an envelope with receipt will be provided)

Failure to turn in your assigned key will result in a charge of $150 to your student account.
Failure to check out with the RA will result in an improper checkout fee of $100.
Maritime College is not responsible for items left in the room.

Request for Extended Stay/Early Arrival

The Office of Residential Life establishes the dates governing students’ stay in the residence halls prior to the start of each academic year. Therefore, students are expected to plan accordingly with respect to the check-in/check-out dates. Recognizing that students may need to return to campus early, or stay on campus late for various reasons, Residential Life will review requests for extended stay on a need basis.

Considerations will be granted for the following:
  • International Students

  • On-Campus Student Employment

  • Student-Athletes

  • Students with Academic Related Reasons

  • Long-Distance Drive: Students coming from a distance that requires significant travel may report a day earlier to allow sufficient time to make the trip to and from the College. A general guideline is anything over a five-hour, one-way trip (over 300 miles).

Requests for extended stay/early arrival will not be considered for the following reasons:
  • Leaving an apartment: Students who rent or sublease off-campus apartments in the summer need to be aware of their lease agreement end date. Students will not be allowed to move onto campus until the appropriate move-in date.

  • Local, Non-Campus Responsibilities: Students will not be allowed to return to campus early to pursue off-campus jobs or volunteer duties that would bring them back early. It is the student’s responsibility to make plans concerning living arrangements prior to the move-in date.

  • Roommates on Campus Early: Students whose roommates are approved to be on campus early may not move in with the roommate. If it has been determined that an unauthorized student is living in a residence hall prior to the move-in date, both the student and their unauthorized guest may face judicial action.

  • Improper Travel Date Arrangement:  It is the student’s responsibility to make travel arrangements with respect to the check-in/check-out dates that Residential Life establishes. Students will not be allowed to stay late/arrive early because of early/late flights/travel arrangements. 

  • Convenience: Early arrival/extended stay requests that are made solely for the convenience of the student and are not related to the approved criteria mention above are typically denied. *Exceptions are rare – all pertaining departments will have input regarding exceptions*

A written request for extended stay/early arrival must be made prior to the early arrival or extended stay of the student. Students who wish to arrive early/stay late must complete the online application for the respective semester. Approval of such requests is not automatic. In the event that permission is granted, a one-time $50 administrative fee, plus the daily room rate will be charged to the student’s account.  All students granted permission to return to campus early, or stay on campus late, should realize that college services including, but not limited to, regular custodial services, dining services, residence hall offices, and mail delivery may be limited or unavailable. Students residing on campus must follow all College and Housing policies outlined in the Student Handbook.  Early check-in/late check-out must occur during Residential Life operational hours, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.