U.S. Coast Guard Licenses

One of Maritime College's signature programs is the U.S. Coast Guard license. 

Many of our academic programs offer a Coast Guard license as an option or requirement of the degree. Earning a Coast Guard license qualifies you to work onboard a commercial vessel and is not affiliated with the military.

There are two kinds of Coast Guard licenses:

  • Deck licenses mean you are qualified to navigate a vessel, handle cargo and plan voyages. "Deckies" are responsible for communicating with other vessels and shore-side operations, and will share watch-standing duties, which ensure that a ship is operating safely at all times.

  • Engine licenses mean you can operate and repair a vessel's engine and related systems, including electric, heating and ventilation. You will also share watch-standing duties, which ensure that a vessel is being operated safely at all times.

To earn a U.S. Coast Guard license, you must be part of the regiment of cadets, a disciplined lifestyle program. You must also take additional license courses, sail on Training Ship Empire State during summer sea term, and sit for the U.S. Coast Guard exam, a series of seven or eight exams. 

You cannot receive a license with every academic program. With a Coast Guard license, you will be qualified for a wide variety of jobs on a wide variety of vessels, including cruise ships, research vessels, off-shore platforms and tankers. 

Majors with the Deck License

Deck licenses are formally called U.S. Coast Guard third mate's licenses. You may earn one as part of the following academic programs:

Bachelor's Degree programs

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Naval Architecture

  • Marine Environmental Science

  • Marine Operations

  • Marine Transportation

Master's degree programs

  • International Transportation Management

  • Maritime and Naval Studies

Majors with the Engine License

Engine licenses are formally called U.S. Coast Guard third assistant engineer's licenses. You may earn one in conjunction with the following academic programs:

Bachelor's degree programs

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Facilities Engineering

  • Marine Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Naval Architecture

  • Marine Operations

For More Information

Call 718-409-7212

The licensing office is located in the Student Affairs office suite on the first floor of Baylis Hall. It is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.