1. Is EAP Assistance Confidential?

Yes. Information shared with the EAP Coordinator regarding your situation is kept completely confidential. The EAP Coordinator recognizes the sensitivity of personal situations and will not release any information regarding an employee's personal issue or concern.


2. Who is eligible to request EAP services?

All current employees of the SUNY Maritime College, their immediate families, and the retirees of the SUNY Maritime College and their immediate families, are eligible to use the services of the EAP.


3. Who may be referred to EAP?

Employees may be encouraged by supervisors, co-workers, union representatives, human resource personnel to contact the EAP for information or referral for help. The EAP program is a voluntary program. Even if an employee is referred to the EAP by a manager, department Chair or supervisor, it remains the employee’s decision whether or not to use the services of the EAP. Of noteworthy mention, referral to the EAP, regardless of the source of such referral, does NOT take the place of any disciplinary actions imposed by SUNY Maritime College or an individual department.


4. Is my supervisor notified?

A supervisor is not notified when an employee voluntarily comes to EAP for help. Your information is confidential. If a supervisor refers an employee to EAP, the supervisor is only told that you have contacted EAP, but is not told of any details regarding your situation.


5. How can I access an EAP referral?

Employees may be referred by supervisors, human resources personnel, union representatives, or other interested parties. To schedule an appointment with SUNY Maritime’s EAP Coordinator by calling 718-319-1007 or via email at eap@sunymaritime.edu.


6. What type of services can EAP help with?

The EAP program provide professional assistance in dealing with a broad range of problems, including, but not limited to: abuse of alcohol or other drugs, emotional or behavioral disorders, childcare and eldercare issues, family and marital discord, work-related problems, mental health issues, stress, balancing life’s demands, grief and loss, financial and legal concerns or domestic violence issues to name a few. For a full list of services offers by EAP visit https://worklife.ny.gov/eap/index.html


7. How Do I Pay for further counseling or assistance if I need It?

Most employees have insurance to assist in paying for necessary services. The EAP coordinator will assist you in answering questions regarding service providers associated with your referral. There is no charge for EAP services.