Student Government Association

New York Maritime Student Government Association

At SUNY Maritime, your voice, thoughts and opinions matter. If you have something to say, one of the best ways to make your voice heard as a student on campus is through the New York Maritime Student Government Association (SGA).

Elected representatives work closely with faculty, staff and college administrators to address students’ concerns, ranging from the college’s plans for the future to food options in the Mess Deck. SGA members play a vital role in campus life by providing funds to clubs and student organizations for events and activities as well. 

Austin Ford   
SGA President
Krista Deleva 
SGA Vice-President
Michael Monteleone
Daniel Corvi 
Arina Suprunova 
Supreme Court
Nikki Spinola    
Nicholas Acevedo
Maritime Activities and Programs
David Rackoff
First Class President
Parish Stinson
Second Class President 
Celyna Custodio 
Third Class President
Rushawn Henry  
Fourth Class President