As a new member of the Regiment of Cadets, you will go through a 10-day program called indoctrination, or Indoc for short.

During Indoc, you will learn what it means to be a cadet at Maritime, including the rules and regulations you will be expected to follow; basic skills and knowledge for life onboard a ship; and get to know your fellow mariners under guidance, or MUGs.

Every day of Indoc, you will wake up early in the morning for physical training – running, strength training and other calisthenics. After breakfast, you will go through a rotation of training on the Training Ship Empire State VI, in the college pool and around the campus waterfront. You will attend sessions with regimental commanders, faculty and other campus leaders.

You will live on the Empire State VI and will not be allowed to use your cell phone or watch television.

We won’t lie to you: Indoc is not easy. But upperclassmen and regimental officers are committed to helping you get through it. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible.

Welcome aboard.