Campus & Community Resources

Campus Title IX Resources

  1. Ms. Jasmin Adrianne Nunez, Esq., Title IX Coordinator
    Student Affairs, Baylis Hall
    718-319-1151; 718-514-3147 (emergency cell) 
  2. University Police, Front gate
    718-409-7311 or 911
  3. SUNY Maritime Counseling Center, Reisenberg Gymnasium*Confidential Resource 
  4. SUNY Maritime Campus Ministries*Confidential Resource 
  5. Cpt. Catie Hanft, Deputy Commandant of Cadets
    Regiment 1st Deck D Dorm
  6. Mr. Myron Pryjmak, Chief of Police
    University Police, Front gate
  7. Ms. Arianne Romeo, Assistant Dean of Student Life & Orientation
    Student Affairs, Baylis
  8. Ms. Lu-Ann Plaisance, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources & Chief Diversity Officer
    Human Resource Services McMurray Hall

Sexual Assault & Violence Response (SAVR) Resources

Community Resources

  1. Bronx District Attorneys Crime Victims Assistance Unit
  2. Counseling & Psychotherapy of Throggs Neck*Confidential Resource 
  3. Crime Victims Support Services of North Bronx*Confidential Resource 
  4. Jacobi Hospital
    Psychiatric Emergency
  5. North Central Bronx Hospital Sexual Assault Treatment Program
    718-519-3100*Confidential Resource 


*Confidential Resource - Whether on or off campus, medical providers, licensed mental health counselors, and clergy are completely confidential resources with no further mandatory reporting requirement under the law.  On-campus nonprofessional counselors and advocates can assist you without sharing information that could identify you.  However, they have an obligation to share the nature, date, time, and general location of an incident with the Title IX Coordinator.