Boat Donation

Why a Boat Donation Makes Good Sense:


Save time, expense and aggravation of selling your boat

  •  On your schedule - complete the entire transaction in just a few days, saving money on insurance, storage, maintenance, repairs, and depreciation

  •  No paperwork headaches – we provide all paperwork and an official tax receipt

  •  No Hassles – No sales commissions, no classified ads, no test drives, no phone calls or visits from strangers, no haggling


Tax Deduction - maximizes the value of your boat!                                                                                                        

Tax law changes implemented in 2005 benefits individuals donating to Maritime College Waterfront Fund and other reputable organizations that will, through our diverse waterfront activities, make “significant use” of the boats and equipment. This means 100% of the fair market value of the vessel, as determined by a qualified appraiser you select, is tax deductible


Feel Good

Your boat will be used to support a wide variety of programs from providing waterfront access for youth to training top collegiate sailors.                 


Take the first step to determine if donating your boat is a good fit for you and SUNY Maritime College contact:

Rob Crafa, Waterfront Director, phone: 718-409-7460


SUNY Maritime College prides itself on running an exempliary boat donation program that maximizes the benefits for donors by conforming to the letter and intent of Internal Revenue Service regulations. We do not offer tax advice. Donors should consult their tax professional to fully understand implications of donating a boat, sails or equipment.