Necessary Documents Needed for an I-20

Once you are admitted and deposited to SUNY Maritime College, you will need to submit a number of documents in addition to your regular admissions materials. The complete list is below. If you have any questions about specific documents you might need to submit, please contact us.

If funding yourself, you must have minimum liquid assets of:

$48,016 if you are applying as an undergraduate degree/license certification student
$34,955 if you are applying as an undergraduate degree only student
$39,055 if you are applying as a graduate student                                                                                                                        $52,116 if you are applying as a graduate degree/license student

**Sponsors will need to show liquid assets above the minimum. See application for details.

  • Students planning to bring a spouse and/or children must provide evidence of additional financial support: a minimum of $12,720 for a spouse and $4,500 for each child for the first year.

  • If you are currently studying at another U.S. institution, you must submit copies of any I-20 forms previously issued and a I-20 Transfer Form to be completed by the international student advisor at the school you now attend. Also submit copies of your passport, visa, and I-94 card.



Follow these steps to get your I-20 and student visa.

1. It's important for you to submit all of your documents to the Office of Admissions in sufficient time for us to process all the paperwork and send your I-20 form to you. Keep in mind that visa processing can take up to three months!

Use the following dates as a guideline (You can submit documents earlier, but remember that all bank statements must be current within six months of the date of submission):

  • Fall semester: Regimental Students: June 15th; Civilian/Graduate  Students: June 30th

  • Spring semester: November 15th of the previous year

2. Once you receive the I-20 form from SUNY Maritime, and your SEVIS Fee is paid, take it along with your Maritime acceptance letter, I-20 application, and financial evidence to the U.S. Embassy or consulate in your country. For further information on obtaining the F-1 visa, go to

3. Upon entering the United States, present your SUNY Maritime I-20 form to a U.S. immigration official along with your F-1 visa (stamped in your passport) and I-94 form (obtained on the plane).

Important Notice:

If you are unable to obtain an F-1 student visa (which requires an I-20 form) in time to begin classes, you cannot enter the United States on a B-1/B-2 visitor visa and register for classes.