Planning Process

October 2016:

October 20: Initial Strategic Planning Committee meeting 

January 2017:

AKA to hold focus groups/interviews throughout the month

Group discussion with faculty members on strategic planning committee

January 19: Strategic Planning Committee meeting

January 26: Meeting with Academic Council

February 2017:

Focus group interviews continue

March 2017:

March 13: Strategic Planning Committee meeting to discuss and develop working hypotheses based on interviews conducted to date, and to identify the initial set of overarching goals

April 2017:

April 13: Strategic Planning Committee meeting to discuss initial framework of the strategic plan

Break for Summer

August 2017:

August 17: Strategic Planning Committee meeting to discuss and refine preliminary draft plan

August 24: Academic Convocation, where preliminary draft plan is presented

Subcommittees develop specific strategies and initiatives for the year's overarching goal

September 2017:

September 14: Strategic Planning Committee meeting in which subcommittees report their progress

Septeber 20: Faculty meeting to include updates and further discussion of plan

Refine content for strategic plan 

October 2017:

October 5: Strategic Planning Committee meeting to discuss and refine draft of the full strategic plan

October 18: Faculty meeting to include updates and further discussion of plan

Town Hall forums and other campus meetings to discuss plan

November 2017:

November 9: Strategic Planning Committee meeting for approval of final draft plan

November 15: Faculty meeting in which final draft plan is presented

November 28: College Council meeting in which members vote to endorse final draft plan

November 29: Faculty meeting to vote on final draft plan

November 30: Student Government Association meets to endorse plan

Planning Resources:

During the planning process, the committee was asked to review and use the following documents to guide and inform development of the plan:

  • A Practical Guide to Strategic Planning in Higher Education, by Karen E. Hinton

    This booklet provides a practical overview of what strategic planning should be at the post-secondary level. It defines the elements of a successful process and offers a brief overview of the history of strategic planning from a practitioner's perspective and a detailed examination of current practices.

  • SUNY Maritime Mission, Vision and Core Values

    These were developed and approved by the campus community during the 2015-2016 academic year.

  • SUNY Maritime Institution-Wide Student Learning Outcomes

    Developed and approved by faculty during the 2015-2016 academic year, these learning outcomes are designed to encourage intellectual and personal growth across all academic disciplines.

  • SUNY Maritime College Performance Improvement Plan 2015-2020

    To ensure accountability for the college and the public, each SUNY campus developed a comprehensive Performance Improvement Plan that includes a narrative about strategic priorities as well as data commitments through 2020-2021 based on a standard series of metrics.