Apply for Summer Aid

Aid is available for students attending summer term and generally taking at least six credits.

Summer Aid

On-shore or afloat, if you want to receive financial aid for the summer term (including a Federal Pell Grant, Student and/or Parent PLUS loan, as applicable), you must submit your FAFSA, Maritime's supplement aid application requesting federal student aid, and/or complete loan applications.


You need to file a FAFSA for the summer term if this is the first term of the academic year you are enrolling at SUNY Maritime, and you wish to apply for federal aid for your summer term.


March 1

School Code


Supplemental Summer Aid Application

The supplemental application is required for students who plan to attend Maritime year-round and want their annual federal student loans split between summer, fall and spring semesters.

Graduate students and/or parents who wish to borrow a PLUS loan should complete this application online and indicate the term(s) for which the loan should apply. To ensure students receive sufficient funding, we recommend that a summer loan application is requested, separate from a fall/spring application if applicable.

Students who wish to borrow a private loan should complete all requirements with their lender and indicate the term(s) for which the loan should apply.

Priority Deadline

The first business day in April.

You must complete your FAFSA before you can complete your summer aid application.

Summer sea term

There is an additional cost for students going on summer sea term. The cost covers tuition; food and ship maintenance, including crewing, supplies, equipment and internet access. You will also receive separate bills for mandatory international insurance and a plane ticket for the change-out, if applicable.

Scholarships are available through the college Faculty Student Association and the SUNY Maritime Alumni Association.

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