Life as a Civilian

Maritime College is the kind of campus where you will learn what you need to know to be successful, personally and professionally.

As a civilian student here, you will join approximately 30 percent of our student body who are pursuing bachelor’s degrees in science, engineering, business and the humanities.

To make sure you are ready for success, a Maritime education involves more than the classroom. You will pursue internships. You will serve the Bronx and others from the metro area. You will be able to travel the world.

Your college experience will be full of classes, clubs and conversation.

Many of your classes, clubs and conversations will involve students in the college’s other educational program, the Regiment of Cadets. Students in the regiment wear uniforms, follow a specific set of rules that will not apply to you, and many of them will also pursue U.S. Coast Guard licenses -essentially a driver’s license for a ship. By working and learning with them, you will be exposed to a different way of life. This blend of cultures and experiences makes Maritime a unique and special place.

Student Life