William Massano

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Dr. Massano received his Ph.D from Fordham University. His current field of interest is condensed matter physics. He has coauthored several papers studying Quantum Mechanical Models of crystal systems. His work has appeared in peer-reviewed Journals such as Physical Review, Physical Review Letters, Il Nuovo Cimento, and others. His papers have been presented at APS meetings including two at the Spring 2007 APS meeting “Variational and Coupled Cluster Methods for Many-Particle Systems” and “Analytic Properties of Moments Matrices”. 

On the academic side, he has become interested in microcontrollers and developed a course (taught in Spring 2011) for the Engineering department where the students learn to use microcontrollers to control real world systems. The course was very well received by the students and will be offered again next spring as part of the curriculum.

    • Ph.D -- Fordham University