Hugh Stephens

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CAPT Hugh M. Stephens, CSP (Ret), PE, BPS

Captain Hugh Stephens holds a USCG Unlimited Tonnage Ocean Master’s License with many endorsements including Ordinary Seaman, Able Bodied Seaman, and First Class Pilot, Any Tonnage, for the Upper Bay of N.Y. Harbor, 16 issues, now in Continuity. He is a Board Certified Safety Professional and a Professional Engineer in Safety Engineering in the State of California. Capt. Stephens graduated from OCS Ft. Trumbull as 3rd Mate Oceans, Unlimited, in 1945. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Professional Studies from SUNY Empire State, Class of 2019, and was honored by the Cultural Club of SUNY Maritime. For 11 years Capt. Stephens has taught as a Lecturer in the Marine Transportation Dept at Maritime College, making three 90-day trips on the training ship Empire State VI and one 45-day Summer Sea Term. He has also taught at the USMMA; sailed as Sr. Watch Officer on the Kings Pointer; taught at the Metropolitan High School aboard the S/S John Brown (he was also a student aboard her in 1944); and as an Adjunct Instructor at Kingsborough Community College.

Capt. Stephens was owner and CEO of a Marine Safety Engineering consulting group specializing in motivational safety programs, primarily for petroleum tankers. His firm also designed the smallest 10 minute air escape device of the time and marketed and serviced them at 100 CG Stations around the world. He sailed as Master, 1st & 2nd Captain and Mate for Hornbeck Offshore Industries in the Gulf of Mexico, on their OSV’s, including  their frac boat, B/J Blue Ray.

He sailed on 5 Liberty Ships in WWII as Ordinary & Able Bodied Seaman. He is also a WWII Merchant Marine Veteran under Public Law 95-202 and sailed in the Arctic Convoys to Murmansk. The Russians awarded him two medals for this service and the Ushakov medal is pending award in 2020. Capt. Stephens represented Maine and the U.S. in Archangel in 2001 at the Dervish Convention for the 60th Anniversary of the Arctic Convoys. He holds the Combat Bar with stars, the Merchant Marine Emblem, the Atlantic War Zone Bar and the Mediterranean-Middle East War Zone Bar. He is eligible for the Congressional Gold Medal if legislation is passed.

Capt. Stephens sailed for Army Transport on a hospital ship; on Troopers and their Experimental Victory Freighter; as 3rd to Chief Mate followed by their successor, MSTS; as Navigator and OOD on the Navy’s President Adams, and was discharged from the USNR as a full Lieutenant after 14 years of service.

He has served as VP of Operations for Polaris Steamship, Port Captain & Marine Superintendent of Naess Shipping, managing 60 tankers to 65,000 DWT. He also served as Supervisor Vessel Performance for Navios Corp. in the Bahamas and Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela, and Coastwise Dispatcher for Isthmian Steamship in NYC.

One of Capt. Stephens' special projects was that of Sr. Marine Executive for Universal Studios on the 1995 movie Waterworld filmed in Hawaii. He was responsible for the safety of actor Kevin Costner, handling the film’s ATOLL, scripted explosions, and took the artificial island to sea for safe survival during an impending Tsunami.

He was Commodore of the Cobbosseecontee Yacht Club in Maine for eight years including during their 100th Anniversary where he served as “Keeper of the Light,” the Club’s lighthouse for 40 years. During that time, he straightened her, solarized her light, and obtained Title to the Light for the club and the island on which it stands. He was Skipper of a co-ed Sea Scout Ship at the US Merchant Marine Academy for 5 years, and was awarded the Silver Beaver Medal by the Boy Scouts of America, their second highest honor.

Capt. Stephens is a Standing Committee member of the Marine Society of New York City. He was North Atlantic Vice President, and President of the New York Chapter of the Council of American Master Mariners.