Davi Smyth

Professor Davi Smyth graduated from SUNY Maritime College in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marine Transportation and currently serves as Lecturer in the Department of Marine Transportation. He holds a 2nd Mate Unlimited Tonnage License, an Unlimited Dynamic Positioning Officer Certificate (DPO), and a 1600 Ton Master License with a 3000 Ton Endorsement.

Smyth began his career working on small charter, tour, and water taxi vessels on the Potomac River in Northern Virginia and worked in that capacity year-round for three years.  He returned to Maritime College to work as the full-time Third Mate on the Training Ship Empire State VI for three years while advancing his license to 2nd Mate Unlimited Tonnage. Thereafter, he worked for a supply boat company in the Gulf of Mexico offshore oilfield. Smyth sailed in the capacity of Mate onboard various supply and anchor boats where he obtained his 1600 Ton Master License and acquired his unlimited DPO certificate.

In 2016 Smyth shifted his focus to academia, returning to Maritime College where he teaches a variety of courses including boat handling, coastal navigation, and essential firefighting and survival craft skills.