ScienceThe Science Department at SUNY Maritime College plays two important roles:

  • It is the home of the college’s B.S. degree in Marine Environmental Science.

  • It provides fundamental courses in mathematics, computer skills, and the natural sciences that are required for all degrees offered at the College and that satisfy SUNY General Education Requirements.


SUNY Maritime College offers a multidisciplinary scientific major, a Bachelor of Science in Marine Environmental Science. Students focus their studies by selecting a minor in either marine biology or meteorology/oceanography and they have the option to pursue a USCG Third Mate license along with their bachelor degree.

Students with a major other than Marine Environmental Science may select a minor in Environmental Science.  This minor consists of a combination of environmental and scientific courses and is designed to provide students with a basic understanding about environmental issues.


All bachelor’s degrees at Maritime College include at least two mathematics courses. B.E. degrees include a four course sequence in calculus and differential equations. All B.S. degrees include one statistics course and at least one other mathematics course.

Courses satisfying the SUNY General Education Requirement in mathematics are: Math 90, Math 101, Math 111, Math 112 and Math 251.

Entering students are given placement examinations to determine their calculus readiness. If necessary, they are required to take preliminary courses in algebra and precalculus.

The Mathematics faculty is dedicated to teaching, with many instructors working in the Learning Assistance Center. The faculty have varied educational and research backgrounds, with interests ranging from Mathematics Education and the History of Mathematics to specialized disciplines such as Combinatorics and Sub-Riemannian Geometry.


Most bachelor’s degrees at Maritime College include at least two science courses. B.E. degrees require two terms of both physics and chemistry; most B.S. degrees include one term of physics and one term of meteorology.

Beyond the required offerings, a wide spectrum of scientific classes is taught at Maritime College, from fundamental general-interest classes such as Astronomy and Geology to advanced classes such as Marine Bio-geochemistry and Ichthyology.

Science classes fulfilling the SUNY General Education Requirement in Natural Sciences are: General Biology, General Chemistry I, Meteorology for Mariners, General Physics I & II and Engineering Physics I & II.

The Science Department laboratories were renovated in 2006 and are equipped with state of the art equipment for undergraduate student use.

The Science Faculty includes Professors of Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Meteorology, Oceanography, and Physics. They are engaged in research in Coastal and Estuarine Biology, Magnetic Properties of Matter, and Condensed Matter Physics.