Strategic Planning Timeline & Events

Strategic Planning Timeline & Events

More information about the approach and work plan for the development of SUNY Maritime's strategic plan is available here.

October 2016:

October 20: Initial Strategic Planning Committee meeting 

January 2017:

AKA to hold focus groups/interviews throughout the month

Group discussion with faculty members on strategic planning committee

January 19: Strategic Planning Committee meeting

January 26: Meeting with Academic Council

February 2017:

Focus group interviews continue

March 2017:

March 13: Strategic Planning Committee meeting to discuss and develop working hypotheses based on interviews conducted to date, and to identify the initial set of overarching goals

April 2017:

April 13: Strategic Planning Committee meeting to discuss initial framework of the strategic plan

Break for Summer

August 2017:

August 17: Strategic Planning Committee meeting to discuss and refine preliminary draft plan

August 24: Academic Convocation, where preliminary draft plan is presented

Subcommittees develop specific strategies and initiatives for the year's overarching goal

September 2017:

September 11: Strategic Planning Committee meeting in which subcommittees report their progress

September 18 - 29: Subcommittees meet to refine strategic actions and identify ideas/topics they think would benefit from joint discussion with any of the other subcommittees.

October 2017:

October 3: Subcommittee collaboration meeting

October 10: Subcommittees provide their final prioritized list of strategic actions to the steering committee and AKA

October 11 - 24: Steering committee meets to review, prioritize and revise draft strategic actions

October 31: AKA provides complete penultimate draft plan to strategic planning committee

November 2017:

November 6: Strategic Planning Committee meeting to discuss penultimate draft plan

November 13: Penultimate draft strategic plan posted on the website and Privateer Net; Survey released to stakeholders

November 20: Stakeholder survey about penultimate draft plan closes

November 27: Strategic plan committee meeting to review changes to penultimate draft and discuss survey results

December 2017:

December 8: Final draft of strategic plan published to website, Privateer Net. Invitation to review the draft sent to college community 

January 2018:

Conduct town hall meetings to discuss the strategic plan

Strategic plan committee meeting to discuss town hall results, upcoming faculty meeting, and strategic plan roll-out and next steps

February 2018:

February 7: Special meeting of the faculty to present plan

February 14: Faculty meeting, vote regarding plan endorsement

TBD: SGA meeting and vote regarding endorsement

February 27: College Council meeting and vote regarding endorsement