Standards of Ethical Practices

Per Middle States Standard II: “Ethics and integrity are central, indispensable, and defining hallmarks of effective higher education institutions. In all activities, whether internal or external, an institution must be faithful to its mission, honor its contracts and commitments, adhere to its policies, and represent itself truthfully.” 

Integrity is one of Maritime College’s core values. As such, the office will possess and demonstrate the following attributes or activities:

  • Institutional Research and Assessment is committed to providing accurate data and impartial analysis and avoiding conflicts of interest or the appearance of such conflicts in all activities and among all constituents.

  • Honesty and truthfulness in public relations announcements, advertisements, recruiting and admissions materials and practices, as well as in internal communications;

  • Compliance with all applicable federal, state, and commission reporting policies, regulations and requirements to include:

    •  reporting regarding the full disclosure of information on institution-wide assessments, graduation, retention, certification and licensure or licensing board pass rates.

    • the institution’s compliance with the commission’s requirements of affiliation.