Reporting an Incident

Individuals are encouraged to report all incidents of sexual violence to the police or a member of the college to receive help in accessing support services and in referring the perpetrator, if a student, to the on-campus student-conduct system. The decision to report must be made by the victim and shall be respected by all members of the college.

Report to University Police 

If you have been raped or sexually assaulted or are in immediate danger, get to a safe place and call University Police immediately at 718-409-7311.

You may report an assault to University Police 24 hours a day.  If there is physical contact:
*  Don't bathe or brush your teeth, drink, or smoke before evidence collection.
*  If you have already changed your clothes, place them in a paper bag (NOT plastic) to preserve them.
*  To collect evidence, ask the hospital to conduct a rape kit exam. If you suspect that you may have been drugged, ask for a urine sample to be collected and try not to urinate before the sample is collected.