Options in Briefs

Victims/survivors have many options that can be pursued simultaneously, including one or more of the following:

  • Receive resources, such as counseling and medical attention;

  • Confidentially or anonymously disclose a crime or violation (www.sunymaritime.edu);

  • Make a report to an employee with the authority to address complaints, including:
    Title IX Coordinator (Baylis Hall 718.319.1151)
    Student Conduct (Baylis Hall/Student Affairs 718.409.5879 or C/D Building/Regiment 718.409.7442)
    Human Resources Services (McMurray Hall 718.409.7302)
    University Police Officer (Front Gate 718.409.7311)
    45th Bronx Precinct (2877 Barkley Avenue, Bronx, NY  10465, 718.822.5411)
    Family Court or Civil Court