Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision 

"To be recognized as one the best waterfront training centers in the country, desired to be used by everyone."

SUNY Maritime College’s Waterfront shall be a vibrant hub of activity with nationally ranked sailing and crew teams and diverse water related campus and community activities seven days a week throughout the year. The Waterfront will host numerous courses, programs, regattas, clinics, and camps, as well as serve as a national training center for water related activities.

The Center will be supported by an enthusiastic and dedicated staff with maintenance facilities, docks, boats, and administrative spaces that are a source of pride and enjoyment for students and their families, alumni, faculty, staff, the entire SUNY system and the community. It will also, by its exemplary operation, be an extension of the academic teachings of Maritime College.

In becoming “one of the best waterfront programs in the country,” Maritime College’s waterfront facilities will be a national resource desired to be used by everyone.


Our Mission 

Develop Leaders, Produce Champions

The mission of the Maritime College Waterfront is to develop leaders and produce champions, individuals who reach their full potential, on the water and in life.

This is accomplished by providing water related (i.e.. sailing, crew, power boating, kayaking, swimming, SCUBA diving, marine environmental science) learning opportunities for coaches, instructors, students and the community that they might not otherwise experience. Offering these activities in a safe, fun learning environment will maximize the opportunity for individual growth including self confidence, communication, team work, leadership and respect for themselves, others and the natural environment.

SUNY Maritime College is uniquely qualified for this purpose as a result of its maritime education mission, outstanding waterfront facilities, and more than 140 years of experience using on the water training as a learning laboratory.

This mission will be supported by soliciting donations of boats, equipment, funds, and time and fee-based programs to provide the long-term, consistent support necessary to develop and sustain one of the best waterfront programs in the country.


Our Values


Respect for yourself, others, facilities and equipment and the environment


Diversity amongst individuals, experiences, and equipment enriches everyone

Time on the Water

Appropriate challenges on the water are the greatest teacher


Serve the community to show appreciation for what we have – give back

Lead by Example

Strive in every aspect of the Waterfront from management, instruction, operation – preventative maintenance, and environmentally sound practices to consistently be an exemplary operation


Through our values build a strong community that supports each other, puts the organization above self and values all contributions from world class athletes to local volunteers