Maritime College Research

Maritime College Research

Faculty Conversations

Maritime College research group has established a forum where faculty members can exchange their research and ideas with others. The forum is open for participants who are faculty and staff members. It provides a synergy for new research ideas and opportunities for exchange. All faculty and staff members are invited. Check for the next presenter(s) and topic(s).

The monthly forum has included a large spectrum of topics, including: 




4/2/14 Mark Meirowitz Where is Turkey Going? A Candid Assessment
3/19/14 Yaqub Amani Hydrogen: A Clean and Sustainable Energy Source
3/12/14 James Drogan At the Intersection of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Business: Addressing Global Issues
10/9/13 Neveen Shlayan Cyber Physical Systems: Modeling and Analysis
2/6/13 Mark Meirowitz The World From Turkey's Perspective 2013
12/5/12 William Massano Micro-controlling the World
April 2012 Panel Discussion:

1. Yaqub Amani

2. Mark Meirowitz

3. Sam Yahalom

4. Larry Howard
Topic: "Arab Spring"

1. An Islamic Perspective

2. A Turkish Perspective

3. An Israeli Perspective

4. A U.S. Perspective
March 2012 Ziqian Liu Theoretic Design of Differential Minimax Controllers for Stochastic Cellular Neural Networks and its Applications
February 2012 Debbie Yuster Navigating the Fourth Dimension
December 2011 A Panel:

1. Cornelia McCarthy

2. Sam Yahalom

3. Rick Pellecciaro

4. James Drogan
Topic: The Contemporary Economic Condition of the U.S.

1. The Status Quo isn't what it used to be

2. Economic Tools to Move the Economy Forward

3. Limits to Economic Growth

4. Coping with Change: Business Perspective
November 2011 Gregory Hanchrow Balancing Commitment versus Compliance in Maritime Industry Management - How Can We Teach Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving?
October 2011 John Rocco Film Noir America
April 2011 Maryellen Keefe 20th Century Unlimited: Meet Sally Benson in St. Louis, Manhattan, Madison, CT, Dorset, VT, and Hollywood--All Aboard?
March 2011 Mark Meirowitz Where is Turkey Headed? The Current State of US-Turkish Relations and Prospects for the Future
February 2011 Yaqub Amani Hydrogen Based Shipping
December 2010 Carl Delo The New Maritime College

Hydrodynamics Laboratory

October 2010

Walter Nadolny

Synopsis of the Maritime Matters Workshop

September 2010

Karen Markoe

Richard Wright and the Jews:  An Intersection of Life and Letters

April 2010

Barbara Warkentine

The First Record of the Oriental Shrimp, Palaemon macrodactylu, from the Eastern Coast of North America

March 2010

Joe Williams

Historiography, Archives, and the Origin of Maritime College: The New York Nautical School

March 2010

Jim Drogan

The Context of Interest

December 2009

Suleymen Hilimi Kal

Derivatives in Financial Markets and Some Applications in Freight Markets

November 2009

Joseph Levert

Research on Industrial Polishing – What’s the Rub?

September 2009

Richard Burke

Mission Critical Quality Managing Process When Failure is Unthinkable

April 2009

Marie de Angeles

Stretching the Boundaries of a Discipline – Adventures of a Biogeochemical Oceanographer by Land and by Sea

March 2009

Julie Wosk

Alluring Androids, Robot Women, and Electronic Eves

February 2009

Sam Yahalom

Maritime Support Services in New York Harbor and Their Impact on the Region

Faculty Conversations Abstracts (updated 2/2012)