Accounts & E-mail

Accounts & E-Mail

The Information Technology Department has made student email user names available. The Information Technology scheme for student email accounts is the following:

For usernames: the firstname+first three letters of lastname+"."+Incoming year(two digit year)

Example: “Walter Smith” (enrolled with Maritime College in the fall of 2014) will be:

Password Format: First initial of first name+first initial of lastname+"-"+last five digits of your Suny Maritime ID.

Example: if Walter Smith has a SUNY Maritime Student ID number of M00065789, his password would be: WS-65789 Your first and last initial is case sensitive and must be entered in upper case. "ws65789" or "ws-65789" would fail if entered.

Student Mailboxes have 30 GB of email storage space.

To report a problem with your login please click here or contact the helpdesk at 718.409.6917.