Faculty Getting Help

Faculty Getting Help

The Help Desk System

The Information Technology Department uses a problem tracking system called Track-It. All computer, phone, and video problems should be directed here. Also questions, work, repair and the request to purchase computer hardware are entered into this system. Once the request has been entered in the system is then assigned to a technician, once the job is completed the resolution of the issue is recorded.

You can submit your requests/questions/problems by the following:

E-mail to helpdesk@sunymaritime.edu  (preferred method) or call (718) 409-6917 from off campus or just dial 6917 from on Campus.

 - All calls for support and assistance should be directed to the IT Help Desk, rather than to individual Computer Services staff members. We will do our best to always have someone answer the Help Desk phone, but if we're busy, please feel free to leave a message.

In either case you will receive an e-mail notification from the system once your issues have been entered.

Report a Problem:

• If your computer displayed any error messages, please write the message down so that you can tell us exactly what the message said.

• Please tell us what you were doing when the problem occurred (e.g., saving a file, shutting down the computer, etc.).

• Please tell us what you've tried so far to solve the problem (e.g., restarting your computer, turning a printer on & off, etc.).

• If you're not worried about losing unsaved data, try restarting your computer. Restarting fixes many computer problems. (Do not restart your computer if you are worried about losing data unless told to do so by our staff.)

Call the Help Desk and relay the above information. Depending upon the type of problem, Help Desk personnel may also want to know:

• If this is a recurring or a new problem. If recurring, when did it start?

• Has anything been changed recently on your computer (Hardware or software added/removed).

• What operating system are you using?

This information helps us to diagnose and resolve your problems, getting you back on track more quickly.

If you have any trouble connecting to the TrackIt! site, please email helpdesk@sunymaritime.edu or call x6917.