Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Maintaining your student status

Q. I have a hold on my student account. Can I still register for my courses next semester?

A. No. You must first take care of the hold that has been issued to your account. Until you have resolved the issue, you may not register for any courses.

Q. If I stop studying before I graduate, can I continue within the next one or two years?

A. No. You have come into the United States on an F-1 Student Visa. In order to maintain your status, you must be enrolled full-time each semester, at the institution that is stated on your Form I-20. Failure to enroll will cause you to be out-of-status.

If you have requested and received a leave of absence from the Registrar’s office and notified International Student Services, you must still return to the college within 5 months or your immigration record will be terminated. You will need to apply for a new visa if this occurs. If you have received a leave of absence, you must notify both the Registrar’s office and International Student Services of your return.

Student housing

Q. The food I am used to eating is not offered on campus, and the residence halls do not have a kitchen in which I can cook. Can I bring my own or purchase cooking appliances to use within my dormitory room?

A. No.You may not under any circumstance have in your possession or use any cooking appliance(s) in the residence halls/dormitory rooms. The items are prohibited and you will face consequences (i.e. demerits and/or dismissal from the residence halls) if found in your possession.

Additionally, please review and make sure you understand the Guide to Student Housing for all rules and regulations that the students of Maritime College are expected to uphold and honor.

Q. What items should I bring with me to the campus?

A. Click here for a list of items recommended by the Office of Student Housing and Residential Life. Regimental students should check a separate list provided by the Regiment.


For more information or answers to other questions, contact Laurie Zinberg, coordinator of International Student Services, at (718) 409-7496 or