Living on Campus

Living on Campus

Our 55-acre campus has a variety of fields and scenic spots where students can hang out, run on our waterfront track, play sports, and participate in campus events. Our four residence halls are close to the Mess Deck cafeteria, the Bottom Line cafe and the academic buildings, so it’s easy to get where you need to go. Nearly 90 percent of all students live on campus and take advantage of Maritime’s amenities, including:

  • Free laundry

  • Game room with video game consoles, pool, darts, ping pong and more

  • Student mailroom

  • Dry cleaner and tailor

  • On-campus barber shop

  • Gymnasium

  • More than 40 student clubs, including Art and Photography Club, Golf Club, Rock Climbing Club

  • Maritime Museum in historic Fort Schuyler

  • Multiple study and tutoring areas