Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)


The Educational Opportunity Program, or EOP, provides academic support and financial assistance for eligible students who show promise. Students are admitted to the program before their freshman year. 

Transfer students may be considered if they were enrolled in a similar program at their previous college.

Admission to EOP

Eligible students are New York residents who do not meet the college's traditional admissions standards. To qualify, they must show the potential to complete a college program and demonstrate financial need. They must also meet admission and program representatives.  

Priority is given to applicants from historically disadvantaged academic and financial backgrounds. More information is available on the SUNY website.

EOP offers limited financial aid, and students should talk about their financial aid package with admissions and financial aid. 

As a Student

Admitted EOP students attend a five-week summer program on campus. During the semester, students meet regularly with tutors, and their academic advisor and EOP counselor. Students must talk with their advisor and EOP counselor about changing majors, course schedules and withdrawing from the college.

Extra tutoring sessions and meetings may be scheduled to help students who are struggling academically.

For more information, contact William J. Imbriale, associate dean of students, at (718) 409-7348 or, or Laurie G. Zinberg, EOP coordinator, at (718) 409-7356 or