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Purchasing Department


To purchase quality goods and services economically and efficiently and in compliance with SUNY and New York State procurement regulations.


Each Maritime College Department has personnel authorized to submit a purchase requisition electronically in the SUNY Finance and Management System. Only Department Heads are authorized to electronically approve the requisition. Once approved, the requisition is transmitted electronically to Purchasing where it is reviewed, approved, and then a Purchase Order is issued. Purchase Orders are normally mailed to vendors unless stated that they need to be faxed and a fax number is provided.

If the purchase is utilizing a State Contract, the contract number must be noted on the Purchase Requisition. If a vendor is a New York State Certified Minority or Woman Owned Business, it must also be noted on the Purchase Requisition.


A confirming order is where an individual, not designated with the authority for purchasing, orders goods or services on the behalf of the University without obtaining in advance a purchase order in accordance to University procurement guidelines.  In essence, goods and services are being ordered first and then requisitions are created after goods and services are received and/or the campus has been invoiced.  The use of “confirming orders” can only occur in cases of true emergencies affecting the immediate health and safety of persons and property and then only if the Purchasing Manager could not be reached to process the transaction through the normal procurement process.  A written justification after the fact for such emergencies would also be required.


- Use State contract vendors whenever possible.  Use Minority / Woman owned businesses whenever possible.

- Any commodity or service under $5,000 will require one price quote

- Any commodity or service from $5,001 to $10,000 will require two price quotes:

      - A price quote from one other vendor

     - Cost vs. benefit in monetary terms

     - Purchases made by other State agencies

     - Purchases made by similar facilities

     - Discount from list price

     - OGS pricing

     - Historical cost

     - Manufacturers published price list

     - Manufacturing costs plus profit

     - Cost comparisons of similar projects, etc.

     - Average weighted bid prices or similar average costs in a region

     - A statement from the vendor documenting that such charges to the State are better, equal to or lower than charged to other Goverment agencies

- Any commodity or service from $10,001 to $50,000 will require 3 price quotes

- Any commodity or service between $50,000 - $250,000 - advertising in Conract Reporter and formal competitive bid process (IFB or RFP)

- Any commodity or service over $250,000 - advertising in Contract Reporter and formal competitive bid process and will require AG & OSC approval.


To change the order after it has been placed, the requisitioner should notify the vendor of the cancellation/change and submit a completely-filled out Purchase Order Change Order form to the purchasing office. An original is sent to the vendor and a copy is returned to the requisitioner.


SUNY Maritime College selects vendors as follows:

  • New York State Preferred Sources
  • New York State Certified Minority or Woman Owned Businesses
  • Vendors with New York State Contracts
  • Maritime College Vendors List

Vendors should complete the Vendor Responsibility, Contractor Certification and Lobbying Law forms before any Purchase Order is generated.
If a new vendor is selected, vendor information (tax id, company name, address, city, state, zip) must be e-mailed to the Purchasing Department to enter into the system.


Vendors must be notified that the goods or services are not acceptable within 15 days from the date the goods or services are received by the College. When direct contact is made with the vendor, documentation of the contact should be submitted to Purchasing and/or Accounts Payable with the rationale why the goods or services were rejected.


ISE Office Supplies is our primary Office Supplies vendor.  ISE Office Supplies is both a minority and woman-owned business.  Personnel needing office supplies must send an e-mail to the Purchasing Manager providing the Proftech order number, the quantity and description. If the Department has a Purchasing Card, the amount is charged to that card. If the Department does not have a Purchasing Card, then the Purchasing Manager’s card is used and it is charged back to the ordering department during the reconciliation of the card.  Orders are normally received within 1-2 business days of placement of order.


Utilizing the use of the Citibank Visa Procurement Card is a privilege, not a right.  Here are some simple guidelines, you as a cardholder, can follow with the opportunity to use the Citibank Visa Procurement Card.

The Visa Purchasing Card is not issued to a Department Head but to someone in the department, so that all charges should be reviewed and approved by the Department Head before the transaction is completed.

The Purchasing Manager will contact you to personally pick up your Visa Purchasing Card, as there is an Acknowledgement Form that needs to be personally signed.  The cardholder is the only one who can use the card -- the card cannot be given to another member of the department to use.  The card should be kept in a secure location known only by the cardholder.  Once you have received your procurement card, you will need to see the Security Officer to obtain a User ID and Password for access into the SUNY Visa Procurement Card System (AEPC).  Once given this User ID and Password, you will need to see the Accounts Payable Manager, who will give you training documents for the Citibank-Visa Procurement Card System (AEPC).

Your Visa Purchasing card can be used for the purchase of commodities and products that are related to your job function.  Some purchases on the Visa Procurement Card that are prohibited include perosnal expenses, cash advances, travel-related expenses, gasoline, alcohol, in-house meetings, lodging, car rentals and meals.  If these charges are somehow applied to the Purchasing Card, it is the responsibility of the cardholder to reimburse Maritime College for these charges.  However, the Purchasing Card can be used for catering for special events.  We encourage cardholders to utilize the Visa card for purchases of $500.00 and under or in emergency purchasing situations.  We encourage card use for these transactions because it provides huge savings to the State of New York rather than having purchase requisitions processed through the state voucher system.

All cardholders are given an individual transaction spending limit of $2,500 per transaction and a total spending limit of $25,000 per month.  You cannot exceed your individual spending limit, as the charges will not be approved for processing.  You should check the SMRT system to be sure there is sufficient funding in your account to make the purchase.  Additionally, SUNY Maritime College is a tax-exempt institution.  When you purchase an item, please submit a tax exempt certificate to the vendor.  Vendors cannot charge us sales tax.  If there's a sales tax charge on your card purchase, pleease direct the vendor to remove the tax charge from your purchase.  The use of the purchasing card to pay for a purchase does not exempt the purchaser from the purchasing requirements set by the State of New York and SUNY Maritime College.  If the vendor does not remove the sales tax, the purchaser will be responsible for reimbursing SUNY Maritime College for this charge.  All purchases made using the Purchasing Card should be supported by store or credit card receipts.

Split orders involve splitting the purchase of a commodity to avoid the spending limit.  Split orders are prohibited and an individual's procurement card will be confiscated if the rule is broken by the cardholder.  If the cardholder needs to make an emergency purchase in excess of approved spending limits, they should instead contact the purchasing department to have their emergency purchase expedited.

Once they have received their Citibank Visa On-line statement, it is the cardholder's responsibility to reconcile their statement by the 20th or each month.  A copy of your statements and copies of your bills and receipts must be forwarded to the Accounts Payable Manager.  If a cardholder has not reconciled their statement and/or provided their receipts to the Accounts Payable Manager wihin two weeks, he or she will be issued a warning.  Further violations may result in suspension or revocation of one's card privileges.

If the Purchasing Card is not used within a consistent six-month period, the card may be cancelled.  If a cardholder leaves Maritime College, Human Resources should notify the Purchasing Manager so that the card can be cancelled immediately.

If your Purchasing Card is lost or stolen, please immediately call Citibank at 888-836-5011 and notify the Program Administrator.

SUNY Maritime College sincerely hopes that your use of the Visa Procurement Card will be done efficiently which will maximize the buying power of our college and help to fulfill the responsibilities of your job.  Please handle the use of your card with care as you would utilize your own credit card.  Thanks for your assistance.

For the official SUNY Procurement Card Policy and Guidelines, please search for Document Number 7558 in

Please click here for the Citibank-Visa Procurement Card Manual

For any questions regarding the Visa Purchasing Card, please call us at 718-409-7209.  For any questions regarding the reconciliation of the Visa Purchasing Card, please contact Terri Phillips at 718-409-7206.