Track the Empire State VI

Track the Empire State VI

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Follow the Ship

The Empire State VI left SUNY Maritime May 8, bound for New Orleans, Louisiana. It will return to campus Aug. 11. Over the summer, it will travel to Alicante, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Palermo, Italy; and Las Palmas, Canary Islands. 


SST Tracker

Follow the Empire State on its voyage here.


The ship librarian, with help from cadets, will be blogging about the voyage. Keep up with them here.


Send Mail to Your Cadet

Please direct mail to your cadet while the ship is in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, using the following address:

Cadet's Name
T.S. Empire State 
Marmedsa Noatum Shipping Agency los Cambulloneros, s/n,
Muelle Virgen del Pino
35008 Las Palmas de G.C. (Spain)

Send letters only. No packages will be accepted. 


Email Your Cadet

All cadets have an onboard email address:

The onboard email system uses satellites. Sending and receiving messages is not instantaneous as it is with land-based email accounts but fluctuates based on satellite connectivity. Please keep this in mind when you are waiting to hear from your cadet. Attachments cannot be sent or received onboard the ship. In case of an emergency that you don’t wish to communicate via email, please call Joann Sprague, regimental assistant, at (718) 409-7352, and she will relay the information for you.

For questions or general information, email