Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

A degree from SUNY Maritime is not earned only in the classroom. All students learn about their fields of study through professional experiences, in the form of internships or summers sailing on the college training ship, the Empire State VI, as part of the regiment of cadets.

Ten bachelor’s degree programs offer degrees and experience in engineering, business, science and the humanities. An associate degree program is also available, focusing on the business and practices of the shipping industry. Traditionally, students have gone on to work in various facets of the maritime industry, but opportunities exist across a wide spectrum of fields, including company operations and logistics, energy generation and plant management, design, and law.

Many students also choose to pursue a U.S. Coast Guard license, which qualifies them to work on water-borne vessels. To earn a license, students must be part of the regiment of cadets, a lifestyle program designed to teach discipline and leadership. There is no military service obligation. Some academic programs are only offered with a license. Two types of licenses are offered. The deck program teaches future mariners to operate a vessel, while the engine program teaches them to power one.




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