Maritime Studies Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies

The curriculum leading to the B S. degree in Maritime Studies combines a broad grounding in technical and scientific coursework with the study of two clusters of courses in the Arts and the Humanities; the curriculum leads to a capstone “Seminar in Maritime Studies,” which provides the student with an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of all aspects of these studies. Each student’s program is shaped through personal consultation with a faculty advisor. The student’s individual program may emphasize any two of literature, history, the arts, or language and culture, according to the interests of the student and availability of staff.

Students who graduate with a B.S. degree in Maritime Studies will be able to pursue multiple opportunities: graduate study in the humanities or law; employment in shoreside areas of the maritime industry; employment in a field that demands both technical training and analytical communication skills; or the U. S. Navy.

If you are interested in pursuing this curriculum, contact the Chair of the Humanities Department, or any other Humanities faculty member.


Bachelor of Science
Maritime Studies
Freshman Year
  Fall Semester cr.     Spring Semester cr.
CS 100 Intro to Business Computing 2   ENGL 102 Freshman English II 3
CS 101 Computer Laboratory 1   GBUS 100 Intro to Business & Economics 3
CHEM 121 General Chemistry I 3   HIST 101 American Civilization I 3
CHEM 122 General Chemistry I Laboratory 1   MATH 112 Applied Calculus II 3
ENGL 101 Freshman English I 3   METE 201 Meteorology for Mariners 3
MATH 111 Applied Calculus I  4   NVSC 103 Basic Naval Science* 1
PS 111 Professional Studies I 2   PE 100 Swimming and Water Safety 1
  Total Credits: 16     Total Credits: 17
          *NVSC 101 for NROTC/MMR candidates  
Sophomore Year
  Fall Semester cr.     Spring Semester cr.
GBEC 121 Macroeconomics 3   ENGL 452 Technical Writing 3
GBTT 251 Transportation Systems 3   GBEC 122 Microeconomics 3
HIST 102 American Civilization II 3   GBTT 252 Business of Shipping 3
HUMN 201 Humanities I 3   HUMN 202 Humanities II 3
PHYS 211 General Physics I 3   MATH 251 Statistics 3
PHYS 213 General Physics I Lab 0.5   PE 20x Lifetime Sports 1
PE 101 Lifetime Fitness 1        
  Total Credits: 16.5     Total Credits: 16
Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies
Junior Year
  Fall Semester cr.     Spring Semester cr.
BIO 201 General Biology     BIO 210 Ecology  
    or 4       or  
OCEA 303 General Oceanography     OCEA 4xx Oceanography Elective 3
        HIST 4 History of Science  
GBLW 4xx Law Elective 3   GBLW 4xx Law Elective 3
  Foreign Language/Culture I 3     Foreign Language/Culture II 3
  Track Option Courses 6     Track Option Courses 6
  Total Credits: 16     Total Credits: 15
Senior Year
  Fall Semester cr.     Spring Semester cr.
HUMN 601 Humanities Internship I 3   GBEC 424 Intl. Economics and Finance  
ENGL 454 Advanced Techical Writing           or  
  or 3   GBEC 428 Economic Geography 3
HUMN 465 Humanities Research Methods           or  
  Humanities/SS elective 3   GBMG 341 Organizational Management  
  Track Option Courses 6   HUMN 490 Seminar in Maritime Studies 3
        HUMN 602 Humanities Internship II  
              or 3
          Free Elective  
          Humanities/SS elective 3
          Track Option Course 3
  Total Credits: 15     Total Credits: 15
  Total Credits for Degree: 126.5