Online or Distance Learning versus Classroom Learning

Online or Distance Learning versus Classroom Learning

The orientation, six core, and capstone courses are offered online every term.  Several, but not all, electives are also offered online.  It is possible to complete the 34 credit ITM program entirely online if one selects the appropriate electives. 

The Graduate Program continues to add additional electives to the distance learning environment as rapidly as possible.

Online courses offered in the current and forthcoming terms can be found by going to SLN Online Course Catalog.

Similarities to Classroom Learning

  • Teaching objectives and subject matter are similar.
  • Access to the facilities of the Maritime Luce library is more similar than different.
  • Online and classroom courses have similar standards of excellence in course work.
  • Registration for online and classroom courses with Maritime is identical.  In addition, online students register for the course on the State University of New York Learning Network.

Differences from Classroom Learning

  • Online or distance learning students do not appear in a classroom. 
  • Online courses are eight weeks in length; classroom courses 15 weeks in length.  As a consequence online courses are more intensive on a week-to-week basis than classroom courses.  An exception is the online version of the capsrone courses.  Like the classroom version, it is 15 weeks in length.
  • Classroom courses are taught on the Maritime campus at Fort Schuyler, Bronx, New York; access to distance learning courses is from anywhere in the world where a reliable, high-speed and a web browser is available.
  • Online courses place a premium on asynchronous online discussions and written assignments; classroom courses use a more traditional approach to learning.
  • Distance learning students may not have exposure to the cultural richness of New York City.
  • Support for online courses is provided by the State University of New York Learning Network.

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Questions regarding online or distance learning courses may be directed to:

Prof. James Drogan

Director of Online Programs